Lots of things going on…

Well….last week we had Parent teacher conferences and Karalyn and Matthew are doing well in school.  They are both working hard and putting everything they have into what they are doing.  I am proud of them.

Andrew got in trouble last week because some kid threw his backpack across the classroom and Andrew said a bad word and got sent to the office.  His art teacher wrote him up for the bad word and also for every other thing he had done in her class not only this year but last year too.  OK…here goes the rant….I understand the teacher being upset with Andrew for the bad word, but I don’t understand why, if he was acting up in her class, she didn’t notify me sooner.  This just really made me angry.  I don’t understand why teachers do this.  Honestly, if my kid is doing something that he shouldn’t be them for goodness sake TELL ME!  Call me, send a note home, send me an email…do something about it!  I don’t follow my kid around school so I don’t know what he is doing while he’s there, but I hope that he behaves himself.  So Andrew got two days of after school detention on Monday and Tuesday this week…which cut into my work schedule…the other thing that bugs me is that Andrew is treating his teacher the way the Kids at Immanuel Lutheran treated me when I taught art there, so I can sympathize with why the teacher is so irritated with him.  So I told him he had to apologize to her and while he is in her class he WILL sit down and Quietly work on his assignments like he is supposed to and I remind him about how I felt when the kids at that other school treated me so badly.

Monday I got a call from my uncle that my grandma only had a few days to live.  It didn’t come as a shock to me, because just a few weeks before she had fallen and broke her leg and was bed ridden.  She was in a lot of pain and eventually stopped eating and  drinking.  I wasn’t really reacting much to the news and just sort of was numb on Tuesday.  Wednesday was my birthday.  I woke up feeling achy, which isn’t really unusual.  As the day went on I felt anxious, drained, and all I wanted to do was sleep.  My friend had taken me to old town to have my birthday lunch and I just felt horrible.  I couldn’t figure out why I felt so bad…the only explanation I could come up with was that I was feeling what my grandma was feeling.  I felt like all of my energy had been sucked out of me.    It was wierd!

Thursday morning I got to see my aunt Thelma and uncle Larry.  They stopped for a short visit and I made them breakfast and coffee.  The last time I saw my aunt Thelma was when my dad passed away in 2004.  We enjoyed our visit.  Then we went over to my mom’s old house so my mom could say Hi to them before they left for Tuscon.  I found out later in the day that grandma had passed around the time we were gathered at my mom’s old house.  So tomorrow, Mom, David, and I are leaving for Tuscon to go to the funeral.

Saturday we had a Halloween party.  I made all kinds of goodies and my family and the kids friends came over and we all had a good time.  I’ll post pictures later…. I have to go pack for Arizona.



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2 responses to “Lots of things going on…

  1. Definitely sounds as though you had a lot going on! Don’t even get me started on the education system, let alone teachers. What happened to the other kid?

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