Do you see anything wierd in this picture?

I took this picture on October 30 at our Halloween party.  I was in the front yard with my brother, his daughter and another little kid.  In the background of the photo there is a figure standing by the fence…I think one of our ghosts go his picture taken.


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4 responses to “Do you see anything wierd in this picture?

  1. Hi Mel,
    I looked your picture over very carefully, and since you didn’t mark when you thought the “figure” was in the photo, I can only assume that what I was looking at is what you were referring to.

    I ran the picture through a number of different “edits” and what I’m assuming you’re referring to is actually part of the blur and the “figure” is the contrast between a bush and a tree in the background.

    I could have been looking at the wrong thing, but it’s the object that looks as those it has “eyes” looking at the camera.


    • I wish the picture was bigger…I saw what your talking about Anthony, but there is a figure that looks like it has a white head and a dark shirt on…I can only see the top half of his body in it. My mom and brother say they can see three figures standing there, but I can’t see them so easily. I went outside with David and we tried to figure out whether or not it was something in the neighbors yard or in the fence but couldn’t see anything that looked like it. Maybe if I post some before and after pictures you’ll see it. I accidentally erased the photo off my camera, but I have it saved on my computer.

  2. Erm … we’re too scared to look, we’re outa here!

    Milo and Alfie xx

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