closer look at the strange picture…

I am posting the picture again, this time with before and after shots…I don’t know if this will help or not.  I also put a square around the area where we see what looks like a figure.  My mom and brother say they see three in the photo.  I don’t know, but I definitely see one.

This is the one before….

This is the picture we see the figure in…

The next picture…

And the picture I marked…

Hope you can see something…and the little girl in the Elmo costume is my niece Emma, in case your wondering.  The little Tigger is a friend.

My friend Anthony did some editing on the photo…


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4 responses to “closer look at the strange picture…

  1. Tall T

    I totally see it…. I see a face in the first foggy one, with a hairline and everything.

  2. Okay, you definitely do have a “figure” in this pic! And it’s not the scary figure standing to the right of Elmo (which was my first thought)! I have done some edits and I’ll email the final image to you. Thank you for sharing!

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