Have you ever felt like that?

On Monday October 25 I got a phone call from my Uncle in Tuscon.  He was calling to let my family know that my gramma, my dad’s mother, was dying.   Memories of my gramma flooded my mind.   I had so many great memories of her….

My birthday was October 27.    I am normally a pretty happy person on my birthday.  This year was different though. I woke up not feeling right.  I was anxious, tired, achy, and just didn’t feel good…I figured it was because   My mom was not in town to celebrate, which was strange for me anyway…she’s never missed a birthday.  She was in Washington with George and a friend.  She and George were asked to go on a road trip with a close friend of George’s.  They had a good time and returned in time to call me and wish me a happy birthday.

So since my mom wasn’t here on my birthday, my friend took over and did the best she could to make it a happy one for me.  She took me to a restaraunt called the Church St. Cafe.  I had a Navajo Burger, which was a hamburger patty between two pieces of fry bread.  It was really good. The restaraunt is supposed to be haunted by one of it’s owners.  It was a really neat place…didn’t care for the snooty waiter though.

Even in all the fun of going out to have a nice lunch, I couldn’t shake that anxious, achy, and tired feeling.  I could not figure out what was going on with me.   Then I remembered that my gramma was dying.  I am pretty sure that I was feeling her…I felt like my energy was being sucked from my body and it made me tired and more achy than usual…and my anxiety was bad , I haven’t had an anxiety attack in quite a while.

I went home that night and went to bed early, in hopes that I would feel better the next day.

I woke up on Thursday morning with no aches at all, except for the normal hip pain.  I felt much better.  I walked the Andrew to the bus and came home to prepare breakfast.  My aunt TJ and uncle Larry stopped for a short visit on their way to Arizona to see my gramma.  We had a nice breakfast and short but sweet visit.  She and uncle Larry  even got to see my mom and meet George.  Then we all parted ways and went about our daily activities.   Later in the day I found out that my gramma had passed away in the morning about the time we were visiting with my mom.  When I found out, I thought”well now wonder I felt so bad the day before” .

I will write more later…



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3 responses to “Have you ever felt like that?

  1. I’m sorry about your sad news. It’s so hard to lose and let go of those we love. I still miss my grandad so very much.

  2. flyingfingers51

    Hi Melanie,

    After we left your mom’s house and was going down the road, I all of a sudden started to cry. Couldn’t fiqure out why, until I talked to Ron when we got to Lordsburg, NM. I felt the same thing you did and I know in my heart it was due to the passing of mom. I was driving at the time so it was a good thing my phone was on viabrate or low ringer. When I went into the bathroom in Lordsburg something urged me to look at my phone and seen that Uncle Ron had called several times. So I called him and found out about mom.

  3. Hey Mel… I also felt that way…Just awful. She meant so much to all of us. Thanks for directing me back to this post. The first time I read it I was too upset to write a comment.

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