I have a new computer…

A few days ago our old computer crashed.   It was a hand me down that David’s sister gave me in 2008 for a birthday gift.  We used the fire out of it…RIP old computer. 

We got a Dell computer.  I am having fun so far…I even learned that I don’t have to log into the internet to post on my blog…it has a blog button. LOL!  This thing is so cool! Now I have to figure out how to connect my printer/scanner so I can post all of the cards I have been busy making lately.

This is our newest baby.  Karalyn was riding her bike last weekend and came across this little one in the road.  She is about six weeks old if not older.  The sweetest little baby. We haven’t named her yet…I’ll try to post more pictures of her later.



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3 responses to “I have a new computer…

  1. flyingfingers51


    The printer/scanner has a program, you need to hook the printer/scanner to the computer and then put the program in. And load it up.
    let me know if that works

  2. I have to find the disc for it. If I can’t find it I’ll have to order it.

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