Eye Problems…

Last week my eye started to bother me.  It hurt a little and was super watery and just plain icky.  So I went to the doctor on Friday morning and they treated me for Pink Eye.  They gave me a prescription for eye drops, told me to use them three times a day for five days.

Monday, I was cleaning my glasses and the broke in half.  No way to fix them.  Ever cook dinner when you can’t see anything  you are doing?  Pretty dangerous!  But I survived it….we all did.

So yesterday, my mom took me to get a new pair of glasses.  So I can see again and should be set for a while with the new glasses.

This morning, after five days of using those eye drops my eye  is  worse than  it was on Friday.  It is RED and I look like someone socked me a good one.  It’s watery like a running faucet, and extremely light sensitive.  I went back to the doctor and first she asked me who punched me…then she looked in my eye and made a strange noise and said “yeah, those eye drops definitely didn’t do the job!”  She left the room and came back with some eye drops for me. Then wrote out a prescription for an antibiotic and something to help the swelling.  I am really hoping to be looking somewhat normal again by Christmas….until then, I’ll be at home taking it easy.  What a pain!Lovely HUH!

I hope everyone else is doing well!


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4 responses to “Eye Problems…

  1. flyingfingers51

    that eye looks nasty, you and your eye, and me and my not being able to hear anything. Hope your eye gets better now that you got some better eye drops and antibiotics. I hope non of the other kids get that because it is very contagious.
    my left ear is doing much better but I am still dealing with my right ear. I can only hear about 50 % out of it. Hey it’s great for sleeping because I don’t hear anything if I sleep on my left ear!!!!! Anyway take care

  2. What are you angry or frustrated about? What don’t you want to see?

  3. Aw, that looks painful! I hope you are feeling better soon. Let everyone pamper YOU for a little bit. 🙂 Hugs!

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