Christmas 2010

“The best Christmas of all is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another.”

I found that saying the other night and thought it was a good one.

This Christmas was full of family. My family, David’s family, and my ex husband’s family.

On December 18th, I was invited to go Christmas Caroling with my ex husband’s aunt and her family.  I had not been Christmas Caroling since Andrew was a baby…which was fourteen years ago and it was with  this family.  The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and Andrew got to meet family that he had never met before.  My favorite part of the night was watching this family act like a family…they all sat around and joked with each other and talked with each other.  They just really enjoyed being around one another.  My family used to be like that….it was so nice!

Christmas Eve we went to church with my mom and George and  really enjoyed the service.  They had some young men in the back of the church that played the trumpet and some other instruments with some of the Christmas songs, which was so beautiful.  For the last song the congregation gathered around the sanctuary to stand in a big circle.  As we all sang “Silent Night” the room grew dark and we lit candles.  A few minutes after Andrew lit his he tapped on the shoulder to tell me that the heat from the candle singed his bangs.  I made sure he was ok and we continued singing.  When the service was over  we visited for a few minutes and then left.

After church we went to mom’s house.  George had fires going in both fireplaces.  It was so warm and comfy!  We had lots of food…chex mix, homemade rolls, chili, little smokies, cheese ball, crackers, deviled eggs, fudge, homemade cookies and I’m sure there was more.  After we ate we opened up our gifts and enjoyed each others company the rest of the night.

On Christmas Day, we got up and went to David’s sisters house.  She live just outside of Espanola, NM.  When we got there she was working on getting food ready.  While we were waiting I got to meet my great nephew for the first time. His name is Tristan.  He is just a little over  a year old and is so cute!  He is supposed to have a new baby brother in the next few weeks.  We all sat down and had dinner.  We had ham, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffed jalapenos, fresh green beans, salad…and I know there was more, just can’t remember what.  We enjoyed our meal.  Later we sat down with David’s sister and played a game of chicken foot  (it is a game played with dominoes).  It was a pretty fun game and Matthew made it very dramatic. He Cried because he almost won and then laughed hysterically when he fell off his chair during the game.

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  1. Anthony Quinata

    Wow! Sounds like a fun, and blessed, day!

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