Not eating there again…

Today, my kids, my friend and I at at Wienerschnitzel. They had these burritos I wanted them to try because I knew they would like them. It was a Chili Cheese fries burrito. They are good, I don’t eat them often, because…well I just don’t. Anyway, as Karalyn was eating hers she bit something hard. She pulled out a stick from a corn dog. Totally grossed out, we went to the cashier and showed him what she found in her burrito. He replied” Oh, we were looking for that. It broke off in the fryer. We cook the french fries and corn dogs together and it broke off while we were cooking it! I am so sorry, I’ll get you another burrito. Well, all of us kinda lost our appetites after finding that stick in the burrito and decided we should go. I don’t think we’ll be eating there again…could have been worse, but finding something that doesn’t go in a burrito is not appetizing!


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2 responses to “Not eating there again…

  1. Anthony Quinata

    Don’t you just hate these restaurant horror stories? Especially when it involves kiddos. Did you call the manager or district manager to file a complaint?

  2. I didn’t even think about it but I will do that!

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