Clickity clack…the ghost was back!

…!  Not that she or they ever left!  But….

Last night I was sitting in my bedroom on my computer at around midnight.  I had my bedroom door shut, the house was dark, and the kids were all asleep.  As I sat here I heard what I thought was my front door shut.  I got up and looked and  thought, hmmm…the kids are all asleep and both the front and back doors were shut…that was weird.  The wind was blowing outside so I thought maybe it blew our water heater door open…I checked that too.  It was closed.  OK.   I went back to my room shut the door and sat back down at the computer.  A few minutes went by and I heard it again several times.  I just figured it was our ghost playing games again…and was half afraid to go back out to the living room to look, so I just sat there and listened to it. It sounded like someone was coming in and out of the house, like my kids do all the time.  I’d hear a creaking, my front door creaks, and then I’d hear it shut.  Eventually it stopped.

A little while later, at around 1am, I was still at my computer and I heard ‘clakity clakity clakity clack”…this was a familiar sound.  David has a typewriter that makes this noise.  I thought, well maybe David left his typewriter on and the cats were walking across it.  Then I realized that two of my cats were on my bed sleeping soundly and the other one was outside…ok…it’s not the cats.  I heard the noise several times…not sure exactly how many, but at around 2am I got up and went to check the typewriter.  It was off.  I thought…Ok, well you got my attention and you are really starting to creep me out! My kids were still in bed their bedroom doors were shut, and the house was still dark except for the kitchen light I had turned on to check things out.  I went back to my room, shut the door, and went to bed.  I didn’t hear anymore doors or “clakity claks” after that.

This morning I told David about the typewriter and asked him to check it out.  I asked him if he had had it turned on at all  the last few days. He said no and that he would take a look at it.  So, when I came home today I asked him about it and he told me it was unplugged.

….I just asked Karalyn if she heard anything last night and she shook her head no, but she told me that when she was going to her room last night to go to bed she went to reach for her door knob and noticed it turned all by itself and opened the door for her.  Now I have goosebumps!  She said she went in her room, turned on her night light, got in bed, closed her eyes and didn’t open them till morning.

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