Did you know…

I collect M&M dispensers- I started a collection for my dad about twenty years ago and when he passed away I asked if I could have it. I don’t keep candy in them because my kids would be on a chocolate high all the time if I did

I started making handmade cards to keep myself busy when I was going through a divorce and then I really started making them when my dad was sick. I made them out of construction paper. People say that I’ve come a long way with my handmade cards… 🙂

I collect porcelain dolls, the oldest one I have is well over 100 years old. She was given to my by a friend who restored old dolls. She also made a couple of them just specially for me.

I am allergic to caterpillars…their little hairs get stuck in my skin and spread, then I break out in hives.

I have an obsession with paper…it’s because I like to make cards. I have a cabinet full of scrapbook paper, card stock, and wrapping paper. I don’t go to craft stores to much anymore and if I do I have to stay away from the scrapbook section.

I sleep with a stuffed animal. It’s a lion. David bought it for me seven years ago and I started sleeping with it four years ago, because I hurt my hip and that was the only thing that would help relieve the pain in my hip….now my poor lion has no stuffing left in his neck…I’ve broken him in good. I also have to take him with me when I sleep somewhere other than at home (when we go on trips) I can’t sleep without my lion.

I am allergic to metal….all metals except gold and sterling silver. I break out in blisters nearly immediately after I put them on. If I wear a necklace for a few hours you can see exactly where it set on me.

I was born exactly two years to the day that my mom and dad met. They met at a church retreat on October 27, 1971 and I was born October 27, 1973. I think that is so neat! I was also born the day after my grandma Harris’s birthday and we always had our birthdays together.

My mom tried to teach me to knit with knitting needles…I never could catch on, so she gave up. Then someone came out with the “Knifty Knitter” and now I can knit…just scarves and hats right now, but at least it’s something.

I have been teaching art since I was 14 years old. I started out as a helper for the preschoolers in vacation Bible School, then went to Sunday School, Daycare, and eventually got to teach at a private school for a year…I occasionally teach an art class at the kids school now and whenever someone wants to learn something new.

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  1. Anthony Quinata

    I really enjoyed reading this post and learning so much about you! You’re a rock star!

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