New Years Eve

Every year the past few years my kids have helped raise money for their youth group by helping out with a fireworks stand.  Their youth leaders are very devoted to the kids, especially since they live in a motor home the whole week that they run the stand.  They are very special people!

This year I decided to go with my kids to the firework stand and hang out with them.  It was cold, like 11 degrees cold, out so the kids hibernated in the van and played games  while the youth leaders and I stayed in the motor home.  I was given a nice hot bowl of pesole  to eat while the youth leaders kept watch on their lot for customers.

Just shortly before midnight we all went outside and the youth leaders set up some fireworks for us to watch.  The kids in the meantime found a sheet of ice to “Ice skate” on in their tennis shoes…and one of the kids tried to teach me how to dance “The Jerk” which I am sure was a sight to see!…Especially since I am so graceful on my feet. LOL! 



187 186


When midnight arrived we got to shoot off so beautiful fireworks before a grumpy lady showed up from out of nowhere to ask us to go light our fireworks elsewhere.  After that I packed my kids up in the van and we went home.  

When I got home I went to wash my hands and found out our pipes were frozen so David had to get out of our nice warm bed and go defrost the pipe under the house.  It wasn’t too bad, it only took a half hour to thaw it out.  After we had running water again we, David and I, opened a bottle of wine and toasted in 2011, a little late…but we didn’t care. 

Happy New Year!

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