Juice Meeting?

Sunday night Karalyn went with a friend to another church for a youth group meeting.  She really liked the youth pastor there and told David and I we would like it there too.  So I told Karalyn this morning that we were going to try going to church there this Sunday.  This is the following conversation we had.

Karalyn: Oh good.  They have children’s church, teen church, and adult church.

Me:  I like it when they have it all together.

Karalyn:  Well the adults have the juice meeting.

Me: What?

Karalyn:  You know the wine and the bread.

Me: You mean Communion?

Karalyn: Yes!

We got a good laugh about it and then she told me, ” Mom, Drop it already!”  LOL….funny girl!


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7 responses to “Juice Meeting?

  1. Tall T

    That is so cute… a Juice meeting.

  2. Anthony Quinata

    I love it! She tells you to “drop it,” and what do you do? You write a post about it! Too funny! As my mother would say, “That’s what mom’s are for!”

    It’s a funny story I’m glad you shared!

  3. Anthony Quinata

    I just remembered a story told to me by a priest friend of mine, about another priest. The other priest was given the assignment of doing “Mass for Shut Ins,” a Mass celebrated on television.

    It was his first show, and apparently the first Mass the director of the show ever directed. During the “elevation,” the priest heard the director tell the cameraman, “Get a close up of the cookie!”

    My friend and I thought it was funny, but the priest doing the show was livid!

  4. Funny! Cookies and Juice is what they serve at kid’s church, I bet.

  5. LOL! That made me smile.

    Jan x

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