Love is in the Air…

Right before I woke up this morning I had a dream.  I walked into a house and was greeted by Greg’s Grandma( Greg is my ex husband).  She gave me a hug and had a big smile on her face.  I walked farther into the house and saw his grandpa sitting in a chair with a big smile on his face.  I was so happy to see them, I sat down and started talking to them. Then I turned around to point at my brother, Kevin and I saw my Dad standing next to him.  They looked so much alike, but Dad had more hair on his face. He looked like he did when I was growing up. His beard was long and his mustache bushy and he had one of his favorite dress jackets on.  Surprised to see him I quickly turned to tell my mom I saw my Dad and then turned back and he was no longer there.  I turned again to my mom and my dad was standing next to her.  This time he looked like he did before he got sick.  He smiled at me and I woke up.  What a way to wake up!  I was so happy to see his smiling face…all the other(2) dreams I have had with him he was expressionless.

So this afternoon, David and I were walking out of Hastings and I looked up and saw a heart shaped cloud.  I pointed it out to David and he told me it was my dad again.  I wished I had had my camera so I could take a picture of the heart because I had seen pictures of heart shaped clouds but not in person.  I was so excited.  By the time we got to the van the heart was gone.  As I was getting in the van I looked up again and saw ….another heart.  David told me that dad was trying to tell me something….I asked him what.  David told me “Love is in the Air!” 

Now this has got me thinking…I entered one of my cards in a contest last week.  For those of you who don’t know it was a Valentine’s Day Card contest in a local newspaper “The Alibi”.   The card has two hot air balloons on it and the background is a blue sky with two heart shaped clouds.  The title of the card is “Love is in the Air”  What do you think?


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2 responses to “Love is in the Air…

  1. What a wonderful dream. I haven’t had many dreams with my Dad in them since he died, and I think it’s special when we can see them smiling and happy and young again. Especially the message of the day and the coincidence of the card you entered into the contest. I hope you post a picture of it. I hope this means you will win. ❤ ❤

  2. Anthony Quinata

    I think it’s a sign!

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