I am not going to complain to much because I know there are other parts of the country that are hit much harder than we are, but it is COLD here. My kids have had two snow days this week already due to freezing tempratures, hazardous road conditions, and snow. We are just not used to this cold weather.Tomorrow will be our third snowday this week…we were so spoiled with our warm winter weather thinking it was strange that we were having 60 degree weather and then we get hit with one heck of a storm…and now I’m wanting my sunny warm days back. I enjoy the snow, but really like it only when I don’t have to go out in it. I had to go to the store today and left later in the day to go because the snow is usually melted off by then, but it was to cold for the snow to melt. There was a solid sheet of ice on the road that goes from our house to the main road in Bosque Farms. I drove it very carefully, but it was scary for me… Wish I could post pictures but can’t do that until next week(hopefully).

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  1. A friend of mine who lives in the midwest says, “Hell hath frozen over!” Even here in CA the temp tonight is 32 degrees. Though, thank heavens, no snow!

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