This morning we woke up to -3 temperatures and I was told it got down to -16 through the night. I left our water trickling last night, so I was surprised to find when I went to take a shower this mornig there was no hot water. The kids are out of school today again and Albuquerque public schools closed down because buses wouldn’t start and because of the freezing temps… This is crazy! Some parts of New Mexico have had gas and water shut off to conserve. The governor has even asked people to turn their heaters down 10 degrees. State offices and the military base have shut down to conzerve gas too. We are all home today snuggled up under blankets and watxhing movies. Stay warm everybody! Love Melanie


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2 responses to “Cold

  1. Wear double sets of clothing in the house, regular first, then sweats second. If you have electric blankets, that helps to bring in living room and snuggle while watching TV or reading or whatever. Keep all doors closed except in the one room where your body heat will bring the temp up a few degrees. I live all winter without the gas heat, and only occasionally use electric heater in the bedroom when it gets below fifties inside the house. If worse comes to worse get in car, let it warm up and thaw out for a bit. Hang in there!!!

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