Emma’s 3rd Birthday!

My niece turned three last month and since our computer was down I didn’t get to post pictures or write about it. 

When Emma was a tiny baby, I bought her a little Minnie Mouse.  I just thought she would have fun playing with it.  Well, Minnie turned out to be Emma’s best friend.  She drug her little Minnie mouse all over the place and her mommy sewed poor Minnie together in so many places that there was no more room to sew on her.  So for Christmas I found Emma a bigger Minnie mouse with a pink dress and she has been carrying that around with her.

So when Mom and I were thinking of themes for Emma’s birthday this year Minnie Mouse is what came to mind.  So I made a little Minnie out of paper for the top of the cake…Minnie is not an easy character to make out of paper, but I did it and this is what the cake looked like:


Mom ordered Pizza and I made a yummy fresh salad and we had lots of  people over for the party.


Emma and Minnie


222 Jimmy, George, and Uncle Karl


Emma, Minnie, and purple hippo


Emma in Grampa George’s lap


Emma and Cousin Ryleigh


Daddy (my brother Kevin), Karalyn, and Ryleigh


Happy Birthday to Emma!


Grandma helping Emma open gifts


Opening a Doll


Emma got a tea set


Eating ice cream

It was a fun Party!


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3 responses to “Emma’s 3rd Birthday!

  1. flyingfingers51

    love the pictures of Emma’s birthday party!!!! Glad she had a good birthday. You did a good job on that minnie mouse top for her birthday cake.

  2. Three already! Where does time go? And I LOVE that cake.

  3. What a great birthday. Love the Minnie on the cake! Love the size of that cake! Emma is a doll!

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