Matthew’s Birthday

I can hardly believe that my baby is ten today!  I remember holding the little 9lb 4oz chunk in my arms for the very first time.  He was such a little cutie…still is.  Some of you may have heard me tell this story before, but I am telling it again.  You see Matthew is a very good listener.  He has always been the one to do most of whatever he is told or asked to do.

Matthew’s due date was March 15th.  My mom and dad had plans to go to a high school reunion the first part of March and since Matthew was expected anytime, my mom and dad decided to take Andrew and Karalyn with them.  When mom came to pick the kids up to go on the trip, my mom patted my belly and said “And don’t you dare come until we get home!”  They would be home on March 4.

March 4, at 10pm I got a phone call from my mom that they were home.  11pm I started feeling some incredibly strong contractions.  I called them at midnight and told them I was going to the hospital.  I rode there in a tow truck, which really was NOT the most pleasant ride, you can only imagine having contractions and hitting EVERY single bump in the road that the truck could find in it’s path.  We got to the hospital safely and I had Matthew Allen around 4am.  The nurses teased me about having a newborn the size of a three month old…they made me laugh.  My dad was Matthew’s first visitor….come to think of it he was Andrew and Karalyn’s too.  He was such a proud grandpa!…and Even prouder that Matthew had his middle name.  When Mom and Dad came to visit later mom told Matthew “You didn’t have to listen to me, I was only kidding!”.

Happy Birthday to my young man…still my baby!019

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