St.Patrick’s Day Headband…and a Leprechaun

A while back, I bought a headband for Karalyn to wear for St.Patrick’s Day.  When we had Matthew’s party at the beginning of the month, I forgot that the headband was in the bag with Matthew’s party stuff.  So the headband got passed around.

First to George…who requested a copy of  this picture.


Then Andrew….my clown


Then Karalyn…..who is sitting next to my little cousin Ryleigh


and Emma too!  We had a hard time getting her to stand still…lol!

To add to the spirit of St.Patrick’s Day I made a Leprechaun  for a bulletin board at the lung gym my friend goes to three times a week..  I have never made a Leprechaun before, but was pretty pleased with the outcome and the ladies that run the Lung gym loved it..  I used gold Christmas wrapping paper to make the gold coins.


This photo is a little bit blurry, but will give you an idea of what the board looks like…I took this with my camera phone. If I go there later this week  I’ll take my camera with me to get a better picture.

I made little rainbow colored circles  to add to the board.  I was going to make a rainbow, but didn’t have the right papers for it.  I found a gold colored boarder to go around the board to, that just brought it all together.

It was a fun little project.  Next month I’ll be doing and Easter themed board.


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2 responses to “St.Patrick’s Day Headband…and a Leprechaun

  1. Haha – it’s so nice to see everyone having fun with the headband! And Elizabeth is right – you are very talented! I love your leprechaun! It looks like you’ve been making them for ages! 🙂

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