A Nice Surprise

Lately, I have been having a really difficult time getting my family
to help me do things around the house…so imagine my surprise, when I
got home from a LONG day at work, when I went to Andrew’s room to hear
him say " have you been in the kitchen yet?" "no" I said. "well, I
did the dishes, cleaned the counters, and swept and mopped the kitchen
floor…and all the laundry is done too!" I automatically reached for
his forehead to make sure he wasn’t running a fever! "Mom, I’m fine!"
he told me. "Now I’m doing my homework and am almost done." Thank
you Andrew…love you baby!


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3 responses to “A Nice Surprise

  1. Wow! What a wonderful surprise and what a thoughtful son you have! Hugs to you both!

  2. Can Andrew come and visit at my house?

  3. LOL! I’d have felt suspicious too! Sorry Andrew.

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