Bosque Farms Elementary Re-dedication

The school I thought was built in the 1950’s was really built in 1937. There were two teachers for the entire school.  I got to see a few pictures of it from then to now and what a change!  I was trying to find some photo’s online of the school but can’t find any. However, I did take some pictures of it tonight and I even got some pictures of the old part of the school, the original part, which has also been re-modeled.

This is the new playground

Matthew's birthday 155

The new addition which is the building where the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students are…so Matthew and Karalyn are in this building.

Matthew's birthday 156 

Karalyn, who was not expecting me to take a picture of her, walking into their building.

Matthew's birthday 157

The second floor of the building…near Karalyn’s Classroom…I love the colors of the floors and the walls…they are so bright and colorful!

Matthew's birthday 158

Part of the courtyard area, near the playground

Matthew's birthday 160

Another view of the playground and the building…I forgot that building also has a preschool in it and they have their very own playground.

Matthew's birthday 161

The front entrance of the school

Matthew's birthday 163

Karalyn and Matthew near the entrance.

Matthew's birthday 167   

A memorial to a former student at Bosque Farms Elementary that sets near the entrance of the school.

Matthew's birthday 168Matthew's birthday 169

The original school building, that has been remodeled.  The Library, Music room, band room and special education rooms are in here…it used to be the cafeteria, library, and computer lab before the remodel.

Matthew's birthday 170


Matthew's birthday 171 And a tree on the property…had to get one last shot before I left.

Matthew's birthday 174

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  1. They did a great job on that school. Pretty neat that it has a history and is older than you thought. It looks like there are some neat planting beds in the courtyard. I bet it looks wonderful when things are blooming! Your photos were great! 🙂

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