This time I think it was my Grandma…


I have been sitting at my table all day working on cards.  The first one I made was a sea life scene with a Sea Horse and some little pink fish.  It turned out really neat.

The other card was one I had started on last night, but I kind of got stuck on it and gave up for the night.  It was waiting for me when I sat down at my table this morning and still I wasn’t sure what to do with it.   I finally decided to draw some fish on it.  I used my gel pens to draw four brightly colored fish and still may add a few more.  While I was  working on the card,   I caught a whiff of something that I don’t normally smell in my house.  It was a familiar smell though.  It was kind of a perfume smell, but not real sweet.  I asked David if he smelled it.  He hadn’t and then a few minutes later he smelled it too.  It smelled like English Lavender.  My grandma used to use English Lavender soap.  We don’t have anything in our house that smells like that.  I thought maybe we were smelling laundry soap, which is lavender scented, but I smelled it  and it was sweeter than what I was smelling. 

English Lavender soap

  Maybe  Grandma was watching me draw my fish and wanted to let me know she was here.  There’s not really any way of knowing for sure, but I really do think that my Grandma Harris was here.  I told her “Hello!”, just a few minutes ago  when I smelled the English lavender again…and now I don’t smell it.


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5 responses to “This time I think it was my Grandma…

  1. Based on my experience it was your grandmother!

  2. Tell your Grandma Harris I say hi too! Have you ever felt Grandma Blystra? I sure have around here!

  3. I always find those types of visits very comforting!

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