Some new cards

Been busy…and am probably going to be busy for a while.I got an order last week for some cards, she requested angels…so I made angels





I showed them to my mom and now she has ordered two angel cards, one like the one on the end and the other like the two above.  She wants them for George’s twin granddaughter’s who, will be 17 next Tuesday.

I have had a pattern that I have been wanting to use for a while and I finally got to use it.  The reason I haven’t made it before now is because I just couldn’t get it together in my head…and then I had a brain storm.  A few years ago I bought a note book that was all blank music paper.  So I made the iris folding note with the music paper and drew my own music notes on the paper.


This is a card that I made last Saturday.  While I was working on it I smelled something familiar.  Took me a minute to figure out, but it was my grandma Harris.  The smell was the soap she used to use…English Lavender, it was her favorite.  I think that she was watching me draw the fish on this card…


This is another card that I made on Saturday, the seahorse’s body is made out of a textured wrapping paper.  I really liked the way it came out.


I will be working on some spring cards and the Angels my mom ordered this weekend.  I’ll keep you posted!


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2 responses to “Some new cards

  1. Very clever, as always! I wonder if you could make one representative of lavender?

  2. Fabulous. You are so very creative.

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