The past two weeks have been rather rough.  David has been sick with a bad sinus infection, caused by our wonderful windy New Mexico spring.  The sinus infection caused an ear infection and he has not been to work in two weeks.  I think he is finally starting to feel better, after he’s been on two different kinds of ear drops, an antibiotic, a pain killer, and an anti nausea med.  He is getting back to his ornery self and is even eager to go back to work.

To add to his misery, on Saturday, he cleaned up some broken glass, that Karalyn had in her bedroom, and he put it in a full trash can….and pushed the garbage down into the can.  The  glass sliced his hand.  He had to have a running stitch put in his hand and a suture where it was cut the deepest.  I was not home when he did this, otherwise he probably would not have done it, I would have had him put it in a grocery bag. 

I hope that there was a lesson learned here…pushing glass down into a full trash can is a BIG NO, NO!



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3 responses to “David….

  1. flyingingfingers51

    well you have been going through the mill. Hope the next two weekks will be better then the last two weeks.

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