I Can Only Imagine…

I am sure by now you all know that “I Can Only Imagine” is my favorite song.
The very first time I heard it I was driving down West Bosque Loop when it came on the radio. I was headed into Albuquerque to see my dad who was in the hospital having a cancer treatment. That song, is THE song that struck a chord with me. It opened my eyes to what was going on…my dad was dying and now matter how much I wanted him to get better and spend more time with my family and I, it wasn’t my choice. I was being selfish wanting to keep him here when he was being called home. Though the song made me cry my eyes out it also brought me joy, I could just see my dad “dancing in His presence”.
Well, Monday morning on my way to work I was driving down West Bosque Loop when the song came on the radio. It instantly brought back the memory of driving down that same road the very first time I heard it. Driving up the North loop and onto the main road, it brought a tear to my eye, a smile to my face, and a little shiver down my spine…it also made a bit of an emotional wreck the rest of the day. I talked to my friend/boss about it while I was at work. I Told her about when I had heard that song the first time, I’m sure I’ve told her before, but she listened like I had never told it before. Then we talked about my dad a little bit…she knew him and loved him too. Later, we went our separate ways and I went my mom’s house to drop off some cards I made for them. I think I was there about and hour and then I left.
I don’t really remember much about the ride home, probably because my allergies were acting up from something blooming in my mom’s neighborhood.
I was almost home, I turned on to the North Bosque Loop and what came on the radio…”I Can Only Imagine”. I smiled, told my dad “Hello” and sang along all the way home. No tears this time!

Love you Dad!


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2 responses to “I Can Only Imagine…

  1. flyingingfingers51

    what a touching story. And I think he was there with you on your way home, and knew that if you only can imagine was your song to remember him by. God is good, and so glad that happen.

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