Wiper woes…

It was very cloudy  yesterday morning, but I really wasn’t expecting any rain.  It has been dry here and usually if there is any chance for rain in the spring it usually gets blown away by  the  winds.

So, I was on my way to work and it started sprinkling.  I turned on my windshield wipers, which needed to be replaced, on and then cleared my window.  I turned them off.  Farther down the road I turned them on again and they ran into each other, but they went back down.  The rain got a little heavier, so I turned them on again and they hit each other again, got caught, and one wiper went down and the other flew off the windshield…it was still attached to the  arm of the wiper, but it was hanging over my drivers side mirror.  I let it set for a few minutes and then I rolled down my window and pushed the wiper blade back up onto the windshield.  I drove the rest of the way into Albuquerque with one wiper straight up and the other where it belonged.  The closer I got to where I was going the harder the rain came down…and I couldn’t see because the wipers weren’t working and I was afraid to turn them on for fear I would lose the entire wiper arm.  I had to pull into a parking lot and put the windshield wiper back where it was supposed to be…and got back on the road.  I had to meet my boss somewhere and couldn’t stop.  After her appointment  we stopped and I got new wiper blades and the nice man that worked there put them on for  me and then he adjusted them to where they should be.  When he was done, he looked at the passenger side  wiper arm and noticed it was bent, which is why the blades were catching each other, maybe.  I ordered a new arm and am hoping that that is all that is wrong with my windshield wipers.

It’s supposed to rain this weekend… I think I’ll stay home.

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