Hats and Scarves

I have been busy making hats and scarves, not really sure for who.  Maybe some will be Christmas gifts, but I really don’t know what I will do with the rest of them, maybe sell them. 

My mom used to knit and I used to love to watch her.  When I was little,  She tried to teach me how to knit, but I just couldn’t get it.  So she got frustrated and gave up.  Not long ago I bought some knitting needles and an instruction book to try to teach myself and still couldn’t get it.

So, one day I was walking through the store and I saw these knitting looms that were call “The Kniffty Knitter”.  I was curious,  as always, to find out how they worked.  So I bought them and took them home and made a scarf.  I have to say that I enjoy knitting…and I’ve made quiet a few hats and scarves. 


This is a hat I recently finished and the start of another one that I am working on now.

Handmade stuff 036

Here is the hat with it’s matching scarf.

Handmade stuff 038


Like I said, not sure what I’ll do with all of them, but it is keeping my busy.


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3 responses to “Hats and Scarves

  1. flyingingfingers51

    I am glad that you decided to take up knitting or looming. I have those loom things too. If I could stay on task I could probably make a whole bunch too. I like to crochet better. For four years I have made or crochet many baby blankets and give them to new babies in the church or in the family. I want to sell them too, and tried but it didn’t work out.

    Anyway we share the same interest with needle work. And maybe we can do something with our piece of art.

    Also check at hospitals because sometimes they can use hats for cancer patients or for new borns. just an idea.

  2. I crochet hats and take them to my local cancer support center (not the hospital ward).

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