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His name fits him well.  He is everyone’s buddy, as long as you are living in our house.  He is a very good guard dog.  He let’s us know if there is anyone coming in the gate.  He also knows how to sit and stay.  Right now we are teaching him to sit and stay when we have to leave the yard, he would much rather go with us though.  He loves to play, he has gone into our garage and gotten some of the stuffed toys out that he likes to throw around the yard.  There is one toy in particular he likes to play tug-o-war with, it’s a stuffed toy flower with a long green stem.  He is such a cutie.


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4 responses to “Buddy…

  1. flyingfingers51

    Is he a small dog. because if he is you are going to love him. We have a small dog and we just love that dog. She is smart too. She has pomerainian in her and another breed too, but she is so much part of our family and we treat almost like a child.

    She barks when she wants to go outside, she barks when she wants to go for a walk. She loves playing with the cat, and she loves sitting on our laps in the evening. Between the cat and the dog, they are competing for a little lap time on my lap. So cool.

    We pretty much take her with us on trips to North Carolina or to Tina’s house. jShe loves sitting on my lap right in front of the vent so she can sniff and know where she is at all times.
    Any glad you like your dog and I know He will be part of your family like our little dog is.

  2. What would we do without our pets?

  3. Hi mom and Elizabeth!

    I love my dog too. She is pretty special, and the sister to mom’s dog she talks about in the comments. Some days she is the only one who loves me and never notices or holds me accountable when I do something wrong.

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