More Ghost activity…

This past week we have had more Ghost activity. We haven’t seen anything, but we have heard…not we including me, but David, Matthew, and Karalyn.
April 6, 2011
Matthew and Karalyn were in Karalyn’s bedroom. They came dashing out to the living room and asked me if I was yelling. I looked at them funny and said “No, I wasn’t yelling. I’ve been sitting here quietly watching TV and making cards.” They then told me that they heard me yell once and then scream…I didn’t do it.
A little while later the kids came out of the bedroom and asked David if he called them. He didn’t.

April 7, 2011
At around 11pm, I walked out of my bathroom, through my bedroom, into the living room. David looked at me funny…”You weren’t just in the kitchen?” he asked.
I looked at him funny and said,” Um, you just saw me walk out of the bedroom, right? No, I haven’t been in the kitchen at all. I’ve been in the bedroom on the computer for at least and hour.”
“Well, I just heard someone walking around in the kitchen. You’re sure you weren’t in there?”
“No.” I said. “Maybe the kids were in there.” I walked back to their bedrooms and opened their doors. They were all sound asleep. I walked back over to David, “Must have been the Ghost again.”
“Yep, must have.” David answered back. We smiled at each other and went on with what we were doing.

Sunday April 10, 2011
I walked into the bedroom for something. David was laying down. Before I left the room he asked me, “Was Karalyn calling me?”
“No, I said. She’s been in the kitchen with me getting it cleaned up so we can make dinner.”
“Well, I heard her call me like she really needed me. I answered her back, but didn’t hear anymore.”
I told him again,” Karalyn has been quietly helping me in the kitchen. Must be the Ghost again.”
“Yep, it must be.” ,said David. I left the room and he went back to sleep.


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2 responses to “More Ghost activity…

  1. That Ghost wants your attention!

    • It or they has/have our attention. Whoever it’s calling always responds to it, but it or they never tell us what they want. I am pretty sure it’s the little girl ghost, she is always mimicking our voices, lately she has been doing it a lot.

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