Too Windy…

I love spring…but this year has been a very windy one. Last Saturday we had winds that were near if not at 70mph. All I could see of Albuquerque was a big cloud of dust. I could not see the mountains in the East or the Mesa in the West, just dirt all around.
Today was another windy one. I am really not sure how windy it was, but it (the wind) was opening up heavy doors by itself while I was at Starbucks this afternoon with a friend. I was helping man, by holding the door open, while he made his delivery to the store. He told me that the wind had knocked an entire load of supplies completely off of his dolly when he was trying to bring it into the store.
This afternoon, as I got out of my friends car I stood up, still facing the car and the wind caught my hair and blew it straight up in the air. At the same time my shirt blew up in the air and nearly over my head. I let out a big scream and then a giggle…how embarrassing!!!!, but it was still funny, and I’m pretty sure no one else saw, I hope.
I really hope that this wind will die down some, so I can really enjoy my spring.


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3 responses to “Too Windy…

  1. Those windy days can be really nasty. Especially in the desert. Don’t miss the taste of dust at all. I hope you all get a storm soon too make the dust lay back down.

  2. That is funny! But the wind can be intense sometimes!

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