“Rio”…I can relate to Blue

 You have to see this movie…It is so good!  The music is amazing, the characters are adorable, and the story is great!

It’s about a bird, named Blue, that can’t fly.  He is constantly focused on what he can’t do and perfectly comfy in his safe place, his bird cage and his owner/best friend Linda’s home…I won’t tell you  anymore, but I will tell you that I could totally relate to the bird.

I have wanted for so long to start my own business and I always told myself “I don’t know how!”, yet here I set with all  piles of handmade cards setting in a basket, collecting dust waiting for the next craft sale…and the pile kept getting bigger and bigger because I didn’t have the guts to “Get out there” and sell them.   I was so scared!  I was so worried! I was in my comfy spot…afraid to take a chance.

Well, I got tired of being scared, being worried, and being in my comfy spot.  God gave me my abilities so I could do something with them and it was stupid of me to be scared to use them to the best of my ability.  So I picked out a name for my business “Dutch Girl In New Mexico”.  I found a place to make a website…and I just did it.  It felt good! So good….

…you have to see the movie!


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2 responses to ““Rio”…I can relate to Blue

  1. Your father’s dream was to own his own business. Your father would be so proud of you to realize his dream. You can do it Mel. You have the talent, ability, and fans. Go for it.

    I am on the same journey. I want to start my own photography business. I have a much longer way to go…

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