I think he wanted me to find it…

   Last night I opened my dresser drawer and Lala climbed in. She went to the back of the drawer and down into the drawer below it. I opened the drawer she was in and had to pull a few things out to get to her. As I was pulling them out I noticed an old photo album and immidiatly recognized it. It was my dad’s photo album that he had put together when he went to stay with my Aunt TJ, to look for work.

After I got Lala out of the drawer I looked through the album…There wre pictures of my mom, her dog “Dukie”, my brothers and I, Brittnae- the little girl I took care of who was a part of our family, family…aunt TJ, uncle Ron and uncle J…im, gramma B, Leigha, Jamie, and a bunch of other family. There were photos of cars that he had worked on including his 1962 Impala convertable. Some copies from a magazine his name was printed in and a nice write up about his auto body shop “All right- Auto Body”. There were even pictures of Elvis’s Pink Cadallac that he had taken when he visited Graceland,I think on his way home. Looking through that album reminded me of just how much he LOVED his family and friends and what he did. I showed Andrew the album this morning before he left for school and he loved it, especially the cars. Today at Andrew’s school it was dress up day. Guess who he went as? My Dad, his grandpa. He went to school wearing my dad’s CIA (Chevie’s in Action) hat, his CIA jacket, and an old pair of my dad’s pants that were to big for Andrew, none the less, he was still proud to wear them. Dad passed away seven years ago on April 26. Not a single day goes by that We don’t think of him. Funny how just getting someth…ing out of a dresser drawer can lead to so many good memories of someone so loved by his family and friends.

 A few of the photos in my dad’s album:

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2 responses to “I think he wanted me to find it…

  1. What lovely photos. It’s good to take a walk down memory lane from time to time.

    Jan x

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