7 Years…

Seven years ago today, April 24,David and I were married.  Not a traditional wedding at all.  We were planning one,  but decided to get married sooner.

My dad had been put in a nursing home the day before.  The doctors said there was nothing more he could do.  Mom couldn’t take care of him at home, it was to much for her to handle.

When my dad entered the nursing home he was alert and fairly happy.  He had accepted what was happening and was ready to “Go Home”.  The family just wasn’t ready for him to go.  The following day, when David, the kids and I went to visit him he wasn’t doing so well.  He could hardly taste what he was eating let alone feel it in his mouth.  The cancer had spread all over his body and his from his toes all the way to his head.

We, David and I had hoped that dad would be around long enough to see us married.  It didn’t look like that was going to happen.  So we talked to mom and she agreed that it would be nice to give dad one last happy memory.  We went home, called the pastor, got dressed, and went back to the nursing home.  Officially the fastest wedding I’ve ever planned, we put it together in about 2 hours.

We arrived at the nursing home, the news of our wedding had spread like wildfire through out the entire third floor.  We had many people gathering to see what was going on. We met with my mom, the pastor and his wife.  We gathered in my dads room and lit a unity candle…then a nurse came rushing in to remind us that the patient in the next bed was on oxygen…we almost started our  marriage with a BOOM! We put out the candle and gathered around dad’s bed.  The pastor spoke a little bit and then we said our vows.  While we were doing this dad was listening, occasionally opening his eyes to see what was going on, while mom wiped his brow with a cool wash clothe.  When all the vows were said and the rings exchanged mom told him that he now had a new son in law, dad opened his eyes and gave us a big smile.  David, Karalyn, and I gathered on each side of the bed and we took our wedding photo.

On April 26, at around 1am, my dad passed away with his family- my mom, my two brothers, my sister in law, David and I, and his best friend and wife.

will never forget this day.


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4 responses to “7 Years…

  1. What a really beautiful thing to do. I recall you telling me this before ~ but never fail to think it wonderful. Your Dad must have been so happy, despite being so ill. And the lovely thing is, whenever you remember your wedding, your dad is there at the forefront of your memory. How lovely.

    I hope you all had a wonderful easter.

  2. I wish I could have been there. What a great gift to give your dad, and what a great gift that your father was there. Wow 2 hours. Your amazing.

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