Anxiety… ATTACK

I haven’t had an anxiety attack in a long time. Wednesday, I was driving home on the freeway and noticed one of the message boards ahead said “Crash ahead, expect delays.” I thought to myself, “I wonder if I should get off now?” …and I kept going. The farther I went the slower the traffic got. I started smelling hot cars. My van, in the past has over heated when I have to sit in traffic for a long time or when it is stop and go. After about a half hour of this I decided to get off the freeway. So when I finally got off, there was a lot of traffic there too, New Mexico road construction, and that took forever to get through. My hands were starting to shake and I was constantly checking my thermostat to make sure it wasn’t going up. I thought to myself, “This is nuts!” I was panicking for no good reason. At about that moment a song came on the radio, “You’ve Got a Friend”. I hardly ever hear this song on the radio! It is a song that reminds me of a friend that passed away a few years ago…and I think he was there to comfort me, to remind me I would be ok. Listening to it, I finally got on the road I wanted to be on and the anxiety went away.


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2 responses to “Anxiety… ATTACK

  1. Beautiful post, Pumpkin! Peace be with you.

  2. God will always take care of you

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