What did Andrew see?

A few days ago I wrote a post ” Creepy” .  In it I mentioned that I drove through a white mist.  When I told Andrew about it, he said that there was an accident on that part of the west Bosque Loop in Bosque Farms.  It happened about a year ago.  Two cars were racing, a police officer somehow was involved in it and the two men in the race cars died.

Monday morning I got a text message from Andrew.  It said that when he was walking to the bus stop he saw two men standing at the end of the street.  They were dressed in what looked like leather from head to to.  One was wearing his helmet and the other was holding his.  Andrew said he kept his eyes on the figures the entire time he was walking  up the street.  When he got to the end of the street    the figures were gone .  He only heard the sound of  two racing cars.


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5 responses to “What did Andrew see?

  1. Crazy. Do you have a link to the news article from a year ago?

  2. Not yet, I’ll look it up.

    • I can’t find anything about the accident. Andrew said it happened February 28, 2010. He said he remembers it because it happened after he got back from band camp, on his way to school the next morning they, the students on the school bus, saw the cars sitting on the side of the road, Andrew said one of them looked like it had rolled over. We live in a community where stuff happens and they don’t report a lot of it in the news paper. So did he really see the drivers of the cars that were racing down the street not far from my house? I don’t know, but I believe he saw them…

  3. I think he did too… so weird!

  4. He saw tail lights tonight…I didn’t see them and we were together, but then I was driving and paying attention to other things.

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