It wasn’t his face…

Yesterday I had the day off. I kept myself busy making some cards most of the day. At around 2pm I got sleepy and was falling asleep at my craft table drawing music notes. I am lucky I didn’t mess them up, falling asleep with a pen in hand is not good when you are decorating a card. I got up and went to my computer to write yesterdays post…fell asleep doing that too, but finished it anyway. When I was done, I crawled in bed and took a nap.

My Dream…I was in my living room, which was not arranged like my real one is. The kids, David, and I were watching a movie. For some reason the DVD player was on the floor in front of the kids. David quickly picked it up and then told Andrew, who was sitting in a rocking chair wrapped up tightly in a blanket, to do something. Andrew didn’t move very fast getting to what he was supposed to do so David grabbed a hold of the blanket and started to rip it out from under him. I got angry at David’s actions and got up to say something, feeling some major anger. When I looked at David, I saw someone else’s face. I saw the face of his brother Kenneth. I froze.
I woke up just as soon as I saw his face…I think my phone rang.
I told David about my dream and he told me that that was how his brother was. He had a really quick temper. That’s not what got me though…seeing his face in a dream for the first time since he passed away is what got me.
Funny thing about the dream was that it made me so mad I was ready to hit someone in the dream. I told David I was so mad he’s lucky he didn’t get slapped while I was sleeping.

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  1. I am sure it really shook you up to see him like that. wow.

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