Memorial Garden…

I was off work today.  I spent the majority of the day running around Los Lunas with David looking for parts for our irrigation pump that went out.  It was old and I am surprised it lasted as long as it has.  Since the pump has been out though, we haven’t been able to water our yard…so it is still brown.   Ever one else has green in their yards.  So we are hoping to be able to water our yard sometime this weekend.

David told me that we wouldn’t be able to plant a vegetable garden this year.  That ear infection he had in March took a long time to heal up, so he wasn’t able to get out there and prep the garden like he usually does.  So I asked him if I could make a flower garden where the vegetable garden usually is.   We are going to make it a memorial garden.   It will be a little spot I can go and enjoy everyday, I hope.   I bought Lilly of the Valley bulbs for my Grandma Harris, Strawberries for my dad ( Yeah I know they aren’t flowers, but he loved them) Violas for my  Gramma Blystra, and I have a butterfly sculpture that my uncle Odes made.  I also bought some of my favorites…sweet Williams, Marigolds, Foxgloves,  Lavender, and right now I can’t remember what else I got…oh, yeah Gladiolas, Sunflowers, and some catnip for my Lala kitty( she is very spoiled).  I know there are a few more, but I can’t remember what they are.

I’m gonna go check on David now.

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  1. What a great idea!

    I always think of Poppy’s when I think of Grandma B. (Our dog is named Poppy for that very reason!). She planted Poppies in her yard every year. They were all over her front yard.
    People always stopped and took pictures of her yard. But one day she noticed people were stopping to cut the seed pods off the tops of her poppies. Every day more and more people stopped and they were all after the dried seed pods. She found this very strange but never went out and asked them about it.
    Finally, a Helicoptor flew over her house and began circling it. Shortly after a bunch of policemen started banging on her door. They asked if she realized she was supplying the opium dealers in the area with her illegal poppy seeds.


    She was horrified! The police officers sent in some agents who removed all the poppies from her yard that day. She never grew them again after that.

    One of my favorite stories she would tell me!

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