Our New Van…

Our other van, a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan, started acting up again last Saturday.  It was backfiring, hesitating, and was making me a nervous wreck.  We decided to go trade it in and we got a 2000 Dodge Caravan.  It is very basic, no electric windows or locks, no cd player (which I never used anyway) and it is quite a bit shorter that the old van was.  It’s what we could afford at the moment.  I like it so far and a plus, it has built in booster seats so I can take my niece Emma in it without having to move booster seats from one car to another.  So, Emma we’ll come get you one of these days so Auntie Mel Mel can spoil you a little.


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4 responses to “Our New Van…

  1. Glad you like your new van. Do you remember our van with the built in car seats? Did we have that when you lived with us? They are very handy!

  2. I think you had it when we visited you guys…we took all five kids to McDonald’s in it.

  3. Karalyn

    Yea i dont remember that but are van is cool

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