Mustang Sally

My dad bought a wrecked 1988 Mustang in 1996, I think it was.  He was an auto body repairman so, he had intentions of fixing it up.  He did!   It was a beautiful car…he painted it light blue with a darker blue stripe down the center of the car.  The car was his pride and joy and everyone knew that car.  

We used to go to a restaurant called Henrietta’s in Los Lunas.  There was a couple that sang on certain nights for entertainment.  They got to know my mom and dad admired my dad’s mustang.  They used to sing “Mustang Sally” for my dad…before we knew it they changed the name Sally to Eddy, as my dad’s name was Edd.  Anyway, that song quickly became “His Song” and he always grinned from ear to ear when they played it.

My dad always talked about giving the Mustang to Andrew   when he was old enough to drive, he thought it would be fun to have as a first car.  Sadly, my dad passed away before that day came.  My mom had to sell the car.  We were happy that my youngest brother was able to buy it from my mom, so dad’s car stayed in the family.

Recently, my brother gave the car to Andrew.  Andrew was thrilled to get the Mustang and keeps it safely stored  in our garage.  He goes out there daily to look at it and see what needs to be fixed.  The car isn’t running right now, but hopefully will be soon.

  Andrew remembers those nights we went out to dinner with my dad and they sung “Mustang Eddy” to my dad.   He has named the car Sally…

Yesterday afternoon, Andrew came to me and told me that he had gone out to the garage to check on Sally.  He, just for the fun of it, put the key in the ignition and to his surprise the car turned over.  The radio came on…and guess what song was on the radio.  Mustang Sally!  I don’t know if he let it play or not, but I know when he turned the car off it wouldn’t start again…at all.  He came in the house and told me that Grandpa must have been in the garage and he told me what he did.  Then he told me, that my brother had had every single radio setting set to 94 Rock and he had not set any oldie stations on that radio.   Andrew feels that his grandpa was there with him in the garage, when Mustang Sally played on the radio.  I think he was too!

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  1. That is so cool! I bet there is a magazine that would be interested in that story to print it.

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