Been Busy…

I made this to enter it in the June “A Summer Breeze” contest at the circle of crafters site.

I made this because I was asked if I could make a Manatee….yes I can!

….and I also made these, my cousin asked me if I could make Puffer Fish…Thanks for the idea, you know who you are!


Filed under paper piecing

5 responses to “Been Busy…

  1. Anthony Quinata

    Can you make a …? Never mind. I was just kidding. You made some beautiful images. No kidding!

  2. All very nice, but that first one is super cool; the depth, the color, simply amazing. Did you take classes to do all this, or are you self taught? Amazing either way. 🙂

  3. Self taught…I get and Idea and take out on the paper. I learned I could do this when I was working at a daycare 15 years ago and the talent has improved over the years and now I can make just about anything I see or imagine.

  4. …and thank you both Anthony and Peter.

  5. I love the puffer fish and Manatee

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