This morning…and yesterday…and stuff

This morning, at 8:30, I got a call from my mom, “George and I decided to go up to the cabin and we were wondering if Matthew might like to go…can you have him here by 11.”  Sure, Matthew has been waiting for a long time to go to the cabin in Pagosa Springs, Colorado with my mom and George.  He was very excited.  We got some stuff together for him to pack and realized that he didn’t really have much he could take because he has out grown just about everything he has.

SO…we stopped at K-mart and  picked out some size 10 shorts and pants.  They didn’t fit.  10 husky didn’t fit.  The kid is in a 12 husky in pants now. He is one of those kids who has pretty much worn the same size as his age.  He is 10, so he was wearing a 10.  He grew a lot between March and July!

We also had to get him a pair of flip flops, because he left his at home and you can’t wear tennis shoes to swim…so we searched the entire store for boys flip flops and couldn’t find a single pair.  So I found a pair of mens slip on thongs, size 8….AND THEY FIT!  They looked like they would, but I wasn’t sure…so now Andrew is a size 14 in mens shoes at 14, Karalyn’s a size 8 in ladies shoes, and Matthew’s an 8 in mens!  This is crazy, before I know it my kids will be wearing bigger shoes than me…well, Andrew already is!  This is nuts!

Yesterday, we ( David, Matthew, and I) went to visit my brother and his family at their new place.  Kevin called my Thursday morning to see if Andrew could help him move, because the person that was supposed to help him bailed out on him.  He also invited Karalyn to come with so she could help Angela(my sister in law) with Emma, my three year old niece. They have been there since Thursday…  My house has been very quiet with just on kid around.  Andrew and Karalyn, needed clean clothes so we took them some and got the tour of their new place, which is so much roomier that the other place they were in.    Not far from their new place is a skate park, recreation center, library, a school, daycare, playground…It’s pretty nice to be close to all of those things.  So we took a walk to the skate park and explored a little.

Andrew in the skate "Thingy", sorry don't know what they are called!

Andrew looks tiny in this big skate board "Thingy"...I wanted to fill it with water and go swimming!

Andrew climbing out of the skate "Thingy"

On the edge of the skate "Thingy"...not sure what Andrew was doing...

LOL! Look at Karalyn's grin!

Got them to stand still for 2 seconds...

Emma...looks so serious, but she was having fun too

She likes hats...she kept stealing Andrew's hat.


Did I tell you we have a new kitten?  Can’t remember, this weather/heat, has my brain fried!

We have a new kitten.  His name is Charlie.  We were in the grocery store last week and Karalyn and I ran into someone walking around with a kitten.  Me being the cat lover I am had Karalyn go check out the kitten.  She said they were giving him away and wha-la, we have Charlie.  He gives Lala a way to go and hisses at Buddy.  It didn’t take him any time to get adjusted to life in our house and he is just as spoiled as My Lala Kitty.  He likes my shoes…

Lala checking out her new brother.


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2 responses to “This morning…and yesterday…and stuff

  1. Love the pictures. Can’t believe how big the kids are getting. Andrew reminds me a little of your mom’s looks. I am also kidless. Larry picked up my three today for a week. I have Lisa’s two oldest kids until tomorrow morning. Then a quiet house for a week.

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