Buddy’s Leg…

About a month ago we noticed that Buddy had a nasty cut on his leg.  We could not afford a $500.00 vet bill so we doctored his leg ourselves.  We cleaned and wrapped it twice a day for two and a half weeks.  We would have done it longer, but Buddy kept ripping the bandages off.  So we decided maybe we should just let it air out and keep the bandages off.  The air has done it good, we still clean it twice a day but it seems to be healing faster since we aren’t wrapping it anymore.

Buddy's leg the day it got cut...almost four weeks ago.

Buddy's leg today...four weeks after he got cut.

"What you got for me to eat?" *sniff, sniff*...Buddy's a happy doggie again!...not to sure about the camera though.


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3 responses to “Buddy’s Leg…

  1. Try putting honey on his wound. It’s a great antiseptic.

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