Emma’s picking up some attitude…

My little niece, Emma, is 3 1/2 years old.  She can draw better than any little kid I have known at that age.  My brother posted this picture on facebook yesterday and then told us what happened to make her want to draw this.  What’s funny, is the guy in the car looks like her daddy and even funnier is the gesture coming from her daddy.  I don’t usually like, or appreciate people who freely use their middle fingers, but this drawing just cracked me up.  I keep telling my brother to get her a drawing pad so he can save these pictures, but she likes to use a magna-doodle board.

“We were playing cars and i was the big pink chevron car and she was the little blue hot wheels bug.. my car stopped in front of hers and she screamed from her little blue bug… “hey move it! honk honk! get outa the way jerk! … ” and so on. then she drew this shortly after that”


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6 responses to “Emma’s picking up some attitude…

  1. Anthony Quinata

    Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a talented artist! Buy her a sketch pad. She’ll use it eventually.

  3. That is down right amazing for her age. Her inspiration/motivation is a bit suspect, but her ability is just breath taking.

  4. Oh, and hey, great new look around here. 🙂

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