Great News!

First let me start with…yesterday, I decided it was time to change some scenery around here…on the blog.  Stop and take a look.  See those pumpkins on both sides, I drew them.  I made a card a while ago with some pumpkins on it, I cropped it to make them fit on here.  I also made the header a few years ago…it says “Pumpkin stuff” on it though my blogs name is “Pumpkin’s Patch”  I am still Pumpkin and this is my stuff in my own little patch.  I love the new look of my blog…Pumpkins everywhere!

The original card, I got my pumpkins from this...they make a great pumpkin patch don't they!

The original card, I got my pumpkins from this...they make a great pumpkin patch don't they!

The Header

And now the News…the Great News….

I have lately been a little discouraged that I have not sold any cards lately, money is very tight since we bought our van so I haven’t been able to pay for my website.   I have wondered why I bother doing what I do…the answer is because I love to. People love to look at my cards, but are in no hurry to buy them. I have been praying to find a way to sell my cards for a while now.

Yesterday, Karalyn was talking to one of our crafting friends.  We met her two years ago at a craft fair.  We hadn’t talked to each other very much in the last year or so. Anyway, Karalyn was asking her when we could meet and she told her that when she get back from London in August, she will let us know when she will be in her store so we can come visit her.  Store? She and some friends opened a consignment shop in February.  It’s called The Octopus and the Fox.  She told Karalyn that when we come to visit her, she wants me to bring some of my handmade cards with so she can put them in her store to sell…I am so excited!  Can’t wait to go see her.  The store is in downtown Albuquerque, right around the corner from the school that  I where I used to teach art  classes.  I will keep you updated on what’s going on!


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3 responses to “Great News!

  1. Anthony Quinata

    Awesome! Keep hanging in there! Things will turn around!

  2. Love your new changes! That is so cool about the store!

  3. Coincidentally Bunny and I have also recently tied ourselves down with a van purchase, I can oh so totally relate. I am so happy to hear about this new turn in your card business adventure, and so happy for you. Very exciting. 😀

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