Andrew brought these toads in the other day, he said that Buddy brought them to him from the back yard one by one.  I was surprised he did that because usually the toads put out a nasty taste to discourage animals from eating them.  Funny dog!


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4 responses to “Toads…

  1. What a GREAT picture!!! You should enter it in a contest or submit it to a magazine or at least your local newspaper

  2. I’m a huge toad/frog lover. We’ve had quite a bit of rain here this summer, but I have seen very few toads. That has me wondering “what’s up with that’? It is my understanding that amphibians are very sensitive to environmental changes. I hope all of the high temperatures and droughts (up until recently) haven’t led to a mass die off. 😦 That would be very sad. Your pic gives me hope, because I know we have similar weather/environmental conditions.

    • It could have something to do with it because they lay their eggs in water and if there are no puddles or ponds for them to lay eggs in there will be no toads or frogs. Maybe you’ll see some soon. We have quite a few in our yard every year…the kids love to play with them, I like them too.

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