An Inspiring individual….

Today I had lunch at Tim’s Place. Their motto is ” Breakfast, Lunch, and Hugs”. The food was delicious…I had a taco salad, one of my favorite theings to eat….anyway, the man who owns Tim’s Place in truly inspiring. He has Downsyndrome. The write up on the menu said that he has had many struggles and they never stopped him from doing what he wanted to do. He was homecoming king, and had many medals and plaques hanging on the walls along with photos of him doing what he wanted to. After seeing all this and meeting him he is truely an inspiration to me to not give up on my dreams! Thanks Tim!
Oh…I almost forgot that the best item on the menu was “Tim’s Hugs”… A free hug from Tim.


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2 responses to “An Inspiring individual….

  1. Wow! I’d love to interview him sometime for my website! Better still, would you interview him for me?

  2. How nice and sweet. With the economy the way it is, he may want to start charging for those hugs. 😛

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