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David left yesterday for a six day vacation to Missouri.  His daughter lives there and they haven’t seen each other in quite a while…at least four years.   The last time he went there was for her wedding 8 years ago.  I talked to him this morning ,  he was making his famous spaghetti sauce.  He said he had two pots of it cooking on the stove, he always makes plenty to share with everyone.  He told me that that was their, his daughter and son in law’s, plan to get him up there to make his spaghetti sauce.  He is having a great time!

I registered Andrew for high school on Monday…sheesh, my oldest kid who I thought would take forever to turn 5 is already in high school…where did the time go!  It seem like yesterday I was registering for high school…next year will be 20 years since graduation.  Then I realized he was going to be 15 in December…I don’t know why that hasn’t registered before now.  Even though he’s been talking about driving school and getting a job, his turning 15 just didn’t  hit home until now.   Wow!

I also registered Karalyn for middle school this week, Wednesday morning.  She had to have shots this year.  I am not usually a short tempered person but Wednesday was not a good day, probably because I only had four hours of sleep the night before, for reasons I will write about in a minute.  Anyway…Karalyn and I were at the school early to get her registered and get shots.  I got all 20 million pages they gave us to fill out filled out and then we went to the nurses booth.  I got there and told her she needed shots and the nurse told me “Well, for some reason they decided not to do shots here at this school this year, but they are doing them at Los Lunas middle school from 2-6 pm today and 8am – 12pm tomorrow morning.  Ugh, I had to go to work after the registration and Thursday morning I had to have David to the airport at 945am…so how was I supposed to get these shots for Karalyn?  I tried getting off early Wednesday, but that didn’t work so well, by the time we got there the nurse had cut off the line at 530pm.  So we ended up going yesterday morning and she finally got her shots.  Her arms are sore this morning. I think I was short tempered because I have white coat syndrome (Don’t like doctors…) and was hoping we would get the shots done easily…was also stressed about getting David ready for his trip, and because I didn’t sleep the night before all of the registration fun.

NOW…why didn’t I sleep well?  Because our Ghost was being loud on Tuesday night.  I got in bed at 2am and every time I shut my eyes I would hear something.  I had my fan on in the bedroom and my clock radio on.  Even with all that noise I still heard the ghost/ghosts.  I heard a loud, indescribable noise in my room followed by what sounded like David’s keys being pushed across our dresser, and then I heard a loud thump in my living room…I checked to see if my cats were on my bed and both of them were there, so it wasn’t the cats. Everyone else was sound asleep.  This ghost wanted my attention…ok, I know your here!

To  add to my sleepless night, my feet hurt and I couldn’t get comfortable.  Monsoon season is here and even though the rain hasn’t been falling here, at my house, the weather still affects my arthritis…nothing phases the arthritis and it doesn’t stop until the storm passes.  I have it all over, but lately the top of my feet have been bothering me especially at night.  Thursday morning they hurt so bad I could hardly walk on them.  It rained last night, not at my house, and my feet stopped hurting.  This is so crazy and totally frustrating!

Tomorrow, we have a parade in Bosque Farms for the fair. There is also a car show at the fair the kids want to go to.  Not sure if we are going or not, but there is another bigger car show in Albuquerque at one of the casinos that Andrew and Matthew want to go to, so I’m not sure which one we are going to yet, but we will be looking at some cool cars tomorrow.

Andrew found a song the other day that he liked.  He had me listen to it and it was my dad all over… it’s called “If Heaven wasn’t so Far Away”


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  1. No wonder you couldn’t sleep. You need a ghostbuster!

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