Enjoying the last couple of days of Summer….

Friday night last week we left around 7pm to go to Santa Fe, NM.  It’s only about an hour and a half from where we live.  So we are traveling and it got dark…I don’t see well at night… and we miss the exit to Santa Fe.  We didn’t realize this until we were about halfway to Glorieta, NM.  I was getting a little panicked, not only because I couldn’t see very well, but because there was nowhere to turn around.  We eventually got to Clines Corners and were able to turn around and get back on the right road to Santa Fe.  There has been a lot of road construction going on around there and they changed some of the exits.  We used to be able to take I-25 North right through Santa Fe, but now they have an exit for it, so we found out.  It wasn’t there when we went through there in December.  Oh, well…life is an adventure, it’s just not fun when it’s dark and you have no idea where your going!

It was about 9;30 when we finally made it to the motel and ten when we ate dinner at IHOP… After that we all went back to our room and crashed.  In the morning the kids and I went for a swim in the pool…that felt so good, but it was freezing cold!  Had a good time swimming with the kids.I was going to post more pictures but, for some reason WordPress is messing up and showing only one or two pictures.  I’ll post other photos later.

To be continued…

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