Lala Kitty Lost

My sweet little Lala went outside on Saturday morning with Matthew to play in the cool of the day.  Buddy likes to play with my cats, but I don’t think that my cats think of what he does a play.  Last week I took a picture of Buddy with his mouth around Charlie’s neck.  I know he was playing with him, poor cat was covered in doggie drool.  Anyway, Buddy did the same thing to Lala and Lala freaked, I don’t blame her, and she ran up the tree.   Matthew came in the house and told me that Buddy chased my cat up the tree.  So I went outside to call her and she wouldn’t come.  I called her for a long time and figured maybe she found a safe place to hide and was resting.   I went in the house gathered my things and David, Matthew, and I left to go to the store.

When we came back I looked for her again.  She was nowhere to be found.  I called and called for her.  I walked the front yard and all around the backyard and called for her.  Still, no Lala!  I kept calling her and finally I heard her answer me back.  She was in our neighbors backyard.  By the time I got to her she had disappeared again.  I called her again and again.  She came out of a woodpile that was in the middle of a heaping mess of metal, wood, and cinder blocks.  She stood there, stretched her neck out to see me and let out a pathetic little “Meow”.  Then one of the kids came and stood by me and Lala went back into the wood pile.  No matter how much I called her she just refused to come out.   David finally came to the fence where I was standing and he called her too.  (when I say Lala is my kitty, I mean she is mine.  She only answers to me…my brothers say she’s a snotty little cat)  She didn’t answer him.  David climbed over the fence and went to the woodpile, kneeled down and called her again. She wouldn’t come out.  David started moving small pieces of wood to see if he could find her.  After about ten minutes and moving half of the pile of wood he found Lala, pulled her out and gave her to me.  I took her in the house and fed her and then we went and took a nap.

Lala hasn’t set foot outside our front door since Saturday.

Lala napping after her ordeal on her little paws!




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5 responses to “Lala Kitty Lost

  1. Poor Baby! She’s been through an ordeal! (and you too.) I get so stress out when I can’t find my cats. They are all indoors. but hide on me sometimes and I think they’ve gotten out somehow. I freak because there’s a dog next door who would like nothing better than to get hold of them. He killed my 20 year old kitty 3 years ago. That’s why I freak out. I guess if all four of my cats got out there they could whip his a$$, though.

  2. I’m so happy you found your baby and thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll! Can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  3. Thanks Elizabeth…I go into a total panic when I can’t find her and she will answer to me, so if David or one of the kids wants her attention I have to call her. I am about ready to find the dog a new home.

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