Sunflower cards


This year I had sunflowers, I didn’t plant any seeds they came up wild on their own.  I had them last year too… until my neighbor decided to help us out by mowing our yard drunk….and he mowed down my sunflowers just as they were starting to bloom.   After he did it, I would have liked to have mowed him down. 

Anyway, I enjoyed my sunflowers this year.  I love to take pictures of them, they are just so big and beautiful!

So I had all these pictures of sunflowers and wasn’t exactly sure what to do with them…so I made cards. 






Thought you might enjoy looking at some of my other Sunflower pictures!001 035





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3 responses to “Sunflower cards

  1. Bunny’s a big fan of sunflowers as well. I like the seeds. 😉 Sorry to hear about the demise of last years flowers. You were ready to mow him down. Ha! 😛 Great pics.

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