Itchy hand…

This morning I was standing in the kitchen washing a mountain of dishes when I got a really annoying itch on the palm of my right hand….I had heard that if the palm of your left hand itches you will lose money  and if your right hand itches you will be getting money…I couldn’t remember which hand meant what.  So I asked David and he said the right hand itch was getting money.  We were joking around and I said yeah right I wish.   Then I got an email with the monthly newsletter from the Circle of Crafters with a list of links to who won the September contest. Not expecting anything,  I looked at the link for the Iris folding.  I didn’t win.  Then I clicked on the link for the Card contest  and found out I won…I let out a little scream of joy when I saw my card on that page and David came over to the computer to see what was going on.  He laughed and told me “See, ichy right palm, I told you you were going to get some money” .  Funny thing is that I got that itch in the hand at the same time I got the email…  I won a gift card for $50.00 to the craft store of my choice.

The card that won…the contest them was “Prints all over” and yes the kitty in

the picture is my sweet little Lala kitty.

My mom bought this card this past weekend, so I had to call her and let her know that the card she bought was a contest winner.


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2 responses to “Itchy hand…

  1. Anthony Quinata

    Congratulations! You rock!

    On a similar note, the bottom of my left foot was itching, and I wondered what it meant. I bent down to scratch it, and that’s when I remembered – it meant, push my chair back or I’ll hit my head on the table when I bend over.

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